Placement Agencies - A Great Way to Get Experience

by Kathy Sweeney, NCRW, CPRW, CEIC, CCM

Have you ever considered using a placement agency or Headhunter only to discover that you have to "pay" for your job? Fees can be a percentage of your first year salary or a flat rate. Once you pay these agencies their fee, they usually don't help you out. The simple reason - they have your fee in hand.

A temporary agency can be beneficial if you need work while you are looking for permanent placement. If you want permanent placement, the company that contracts with the staffing company usually plans on you having a more permanent relationship with the employee. The companies that obtain this service typically are not ones that are having financial difficulties.

Second, make sure the firm is FEE PAID BY THE EMPLOYER! This is very important! You should never have to pay someone to find you a job.

If an employer doesn't want to pay to get qualified candidates, it says something about their commitment level to that employee. When you call or set up an appointment, be prepared, treat them as if they are an employer, and above all, make sure your current position is listed on your resume.

The only tough transition to be made is if you are considering a career change. It is very difficult to convince an employer to pay for a person who has no experience in the field the employer is seeking a candidate for. Enlisting the help of a resume writing professional and job search coach can increase your chances of obtaining a position with the firm.

A transition resume would be appropriate in this event, listing the skills you have learned in your previous or current employment position which relate to the field in which you are seeking employment. Together, you and your resume writer can discuss your strengths and value to the potential employer and how to best showcase those talents.

Placement Agencies will only forward resumes that are outstanding. Their reputation is on the line and they get paid for sending the best qualified candidates. Don't make the Placement Agency "guess" at what your skills are. Have your resume prepared by our team of professionals! Order today or call us at 1-866-726-9052!

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