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Interview Guarantee

At The Write Resume, we guarantee if you do not receive at least one interview within 60 days, we will rewrite your resume for FREE!

As with all guarantees, you, the job seeker must participate in the process and progress of your job search. Following are the simple steps you need to follow for our guarantee to be valid.

  • Employment Search Definition: You must be actively searching for a position in your field of expertise that was originally discussed in our initial consultation. Actively searching is defined as applying for at least 30 positions to which you are qualified within the 60-day period.

  • Job Search Requirements: You must use all avenues to obtain employment opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to, recruiters, employment agencies, headhunters, internet job boards (general and niche sites), search engine aggregators ( /, newspaper advertisements, networking (in-person and online, i.e.,, professional associations, and job referrals.

  • Contact Timeframe for Guarantee Parameters: You must contact The Write Resume, in writing, within 70 days of final draft delivery, regarding failure to obtain interviews.

  • Documentation Requirements / Verification Process - The Write Resume Staff: You must provide supporting documentation and evidence of application to the staff of The Write Resume, including time receipts and/or automatic replies from employers.

    • We require that you send us the resume you have been utilizing to apply for positions.

    • We require text from actual job postings - not job posting links, as they expire.

    • We will use this information to verify that your skills and background match required qualifications / credentials in position postings.

    • We also utilize this information to ascertain what might need to be added to your resume if it is determined The Write Resume did not address your qualifications in the resume we composed from information garnered in the original consultation.

  • Qualification Verification Process - Third Parties: Verification of your qualifications and credentials against position descriptions to which you applied, if necessary, may be obtained by The Write Resume from outside parties, including recruiters, human resource professionals and employment specialists. If our recruiters / human resources partners decide to contact you based upon the resume sent to them for review, that is determined to be a valid interview lead and will fulfill the requirements of the guarantee.

  • Rewrite of Resume: The Write Resume will be happy to rewrite all or portions of your document if the procedures above are adhered to and it is determined that the document needs adjustment by either The Write Resume staff or the qualified professionals listed above.

  • Candidate / Third Party Changes to Final Resume: If significant changes are made to the final resume we deliver to you by you or anyone other than staff of The Write Resume (i.e., major rewording, addition of information not composed by The Write Resume, changes in format. etc.), and you are using that document in your job search, The Write Resume cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the resume. Therefore, the guarantee becomes null and void.

    • Please feel free to consult with us by email before making any significant changes to your document.

    • If addition of new information is required to be written by the staff of The Write Resume, additional fees will be incurred.

  • Inconsistent / Unstable Work History: While The Write Resume will do everything possible to compose a resume that will catch the attention of employers, we cannot control hiring managers' / recruiters' perceptions of candidates with inconsistent and / or "job-hopping" work history. In these situations, we will work with you, the client, in presenting your credentials in the best possible light. However, we cannot guarantee interviews if The Write Resume and / or our recruitment / hiring manager partners determine this situation applies to any individual candidate.

  • Federal / Government Resume and KSA Composition: The Federal / Government Hiring Process is vastly different than the private sector and is very competitive. Further, many of these positions have qualifications so stringent that it may be likely that a candidate has already been selected for the position. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will receive an interview for any position you apply for in the federal, state, or local government environment.

  • Guarantee Liability Limitations: Our guarantee liability is limited only to rewriting all or portions of the final resume composed and delivered to you by The Write Resume. The fees for consultations and preparation of career-related documents are non-refundable, as we provide a customized document for each client.

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