Job Offers - What Next...

by Kathy Sweeney, NCRW, CPRW, CEIC, CCM

You've been offered the job. The sun is shining; everything is great! But first, let's come back to reality. At this time, you want to ask all the questions you may not have asked in the beginning, to make certain the "marriage" will be a good one!

The key points to be covered include:

  • Salary: How and when it will be renegotiated
  • Bonuses and bonus guarantees
  • Vacation, sick leave and personal time
  • Hours of work, hours of business operation
  • Pension and pension vesting rights
  • Savings plans and stock options
  • Medical Coverage
  • Relocation Package (if offered)
  • Compensation and performance review cycle
  • Title and reporting relationships
  • Social obligations and expectations
  • Training programs
  • Advancement and promotion opportunities
  • Severance Terms

    Make careful notes during these discussions and be aware of any discrepancies as the preliminary talks proceed. Confirm conversations in writing as soon as possible. Ask ALL of the questions. Better to know what you are getting into before you make the move.

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